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a small bit about who i am and how i got here

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When I turned 12 years old I remember firing up AOL and not-so-pateintly waiting for the dial up noises, that I'd memorized completely at that point, excited to open up Geocities and create websites for my favorite things. At the time, that would be Family Guy, the Chicago Bulls, or the Matrix trilogy.

That hobby evolved into a passion, eventually leading to me landing my first development job at Advontemedia. I learned an incredible amount about frontend development, backend development, networking, and project management during my time there.

In 2015, I joined the Knockaround team to help develop their ecommerce storefront, and optimize the experience for its customers. Gaining knowledge in the ever evolving ecommerce space has been a tremendous in my professional growth over the past six years.

In my free time I'm waking up at 4am on Saturdays to support Tottenham Hotspur, traveling by plane or by my 1986 F250 to explore the outdoors, picking up my guitar to play some John Mayer or Metallica, or working out so I can finally beat my Dad in an arm wrestling competition.

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