DLVRD is an agency that specializes in marketplace, paid social, and overall brand growth.

dlvrd media case study page

After working with Lume Cube to build their marketplace presence, DLVRD’s work was recognized in a People magazine article. To showcase the success, DLVRD came to me to design and develop their case study page.

Requirements: Highlight the client wins in an easily digestible format, provide the challenges of the project and tactics used to tackle those challenges, showcase the results and press, and finally, show the testimonial from the client.

design reference for dlvrd media

DLVRD now has a re-useable template to create additional case studies with as they inevitably will produce more and more project wins as their business grows. If your business is in need of an agency willing to go the extra mile for your marketplace, paid social, or paid media needs check them out here. And tell em’ Wes send you.